More ant than grasshopper Bring all of your marketing elements together in a customer blog

Posted by tom klein June 5, 2007

At some level, the reason for integrating marketing investments is to create results that are greater than the sum of the parts. If that’s the case, why not make it easier for your customer to integrate your marketing?

Enter the blog (short for web log) – the web version of a free, blank sheet of paper. Consider using this resource to literally integrate all of your marketing in the voice of your target customer. The 7 Days in a Sentra blog moves in this direction. It highlights how a blog can create a narrative that knits together all of your marketing efforts. It’s an informed stream of consciousness to make sure that your biggest fans don’t miss out on anything.

You spend so much time aligning the timing of your marketing investments. Why not create one, simple place where your customer can tell the story as it’s unveiled. You can create blog postings months in advance – don’t let the perception of daily publishing keep you from putting blogs to work.

Blog search engine Technorati currently tracks more than 71 million blogs. Just like this email, by blogging you create something that your target customers can subscribe to by RSS – just as we described in Bring It On.

What’s exciting about using blogs for marketing is the ability to abandon (okay, loosen the ties of) the control of your company website. Depending on your target, you may not even have to worry about grammar. The smarter you are about your target customer, the better your blog can be.


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