Mass times distance Earn revenue from a job board with Personforce

Posted by tom klein March 11, 2008

When it comes to monetizing an audience, one of the oldest games in town, and one of the most established, is recruiting advertising. Remember when Yahoo! bought HotJobs …

Now you have an easy way to do more or less the same thing, by using Personforce. This outsourced job board company can help turn your site visitors into job searchers (and consequently turn visits into revenue for you). Personforce creates and markets your job board to companies and recruiters, who are willing to pay a premium to list on your website. In return, they take a 20% cut on revenue from job postings posted directly on your site and 50% for job postings they broker for you.

It seems that they’re doing some right, as they have an impressive roster of clients, including Harvard and Stanford, with each seeing 10,000+ student and alumni visitors daily. Here’s an easy way to turn site visitors into dollars … with almost no work on your part. What are you waiting for?

One lesson here is that you don’t have to create just one site to develop a lot of interesting content. Sometimes it pays to create a highly distributed site - both for content capture and for content publishing.

What’s great about a job board is that it’s still perceived as something of a service for readers, and likely to be interesting content, assuming that it’s not too intrusive.


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