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Posted by maggie.hunsucker August 24, 2009

Ever notice how the most popular bloggers are also the most active?  It’s no coincidence.  The more you post, the more reasons you give a reader to come back.

An easy way to churn out content is to use an app like PicPosterous.   PicPosterous is a free photo and video blogging tool for the iPhone.  Picposterous image 2So when you’re out and about – or covering an industry event – you can take and publish photos and videos with no down time.  Plus, the application is dead-simple to use.

Either snap an image/film a video with PicPosterous (instead of the iPhone’s built-in camera application) or choose an image/video from your library.  PicPosterous gives you the option of creating a new album or posting to an existing album, which is great if you’re taking a series of pictures and want them to appear in the same post. Tap a button, and you’re done.

Already have a Posterous blog? Login via the app and publish to that.  You can also create a new account for free.  The benefit of registering (besides the fact that it is free) is you have access to Posterous’s email blogging capabilities, an idea we discussed last year in Start me up.

If you’re the type that doesn’t have time to update a blog – but you do have a smartphone – Posterous and PicPosterous can take care of all of your publishing needs.

PicPosterous image

Another reason to register with Posterous is the ability to automatically publish your posts to Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Blogger, and more.

Keeping content fresh (i.e. plentiful) was our number one tip at our recent Digital Marketing Meetup, the Top Ten Ideas for Creating and Managing Site Content. We've posted the full presentation online, and you can also download a PDF version here.


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