Parla Italiano? Increase natural traffic by claiming your blog on Technorati

Posted by maggie.hunsucker February 26, 2009


Want to make sure your blog gets noticed?

A good place to start is with Technorati.  Technorati is one of the oldest and, until relatively recently, the largest blog search engine.  It categorizes and grades blogs based on the number of unique blogs within the Technorati system that link back to that blog, referred to as “Authority”.

To become a claimed blog, you will need to submit your URL to the system.  This is a painless process that requires you to create a Technorati account and publish a Technorati profile link somewhere on your blog’s homepage (you can delete this after the claim process is completed).   Then, you will be asked to enter a description and tags for your blog; this will help Technorati place you, as well as help visitors understand what your blog is all about.  You can also add a Technorati favorite link to your blog to grow your fanbase.


While Technorati rankings hold clout in the blogosphere, what you’re really doing here is promoting your blog and generating natural traffic (to clarify, not natural search traffic. See the Tech Morsel for more info).  However, the more eyes that see your blog and the more sites that link back to it, the better your Google PageRank, offering an indirect natural search benefit.

If you're looking for a more direct route to improved search results, submit your site to an internet directory like DMOZor Yahoo's Search Directory. DMOZ is free but picky with its inclusion, while Yahoo charges a yearly listing fee. Either one will improve your organic search ranking with the major search engines.

We frequently hear the claim from clients that they have no competition or there is no product or site like theirs on the market. The truth is, everyone has competition and in the blogosphere, you probably have more than you can imagine. A site like Technorati is good for keeping tabs on other guys. You can find out who the other bloggers are in your field and take cues from their success to help drive your own.


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