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Posted by tom klein October 19, 2007

Your brand identity or, for simplicity’s sake, your logo is often the thing that your customers latch on to – it’s how they will remember you. If you brand identity is your company’s first impression, you don’t want it to have bad breath.

For minty brand freshness on a budget, try Logoworks. For as little as $300, you can get several logo designs (see the logo gallery) and several revision iterations on the design of a new logo. All you have to do is describe what you’re going to accomplish, choose the package (the platinum package provides 10 logo concepts for you to choose from – see packages), cough up some money, and then wait for just a day or two for your designer(s) to turn around your new look.

it’s simple, relatively painless, and you can get the benefit of working with several designers, but without all of the expense. Look at your current brand identity and decide if you’re really putting your best foot forward. A dramatically better design may just be around the corner.

While this is a technology light idea, it’s the web at its best. This system has taken a laborious process fraught with peril and turned it into something that’s more accessible, more affordable, and probably delivers more consistent results to customers.

When designing a logo, remember that we’re really visual creatures. We like things that are easy to read, easy to spell, and with visual cues that help us understand and retain meaning. With options like this one, there’s no reason for having a logo that’s not top notch.


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