Go, go, go Turn blog entries into MP3 podcasts with Odiogo

Posted by tom klein January 16, 2008

If everyone is plugged into an iPod and not standing around surfing on their phones, what good does that do your cool, written blog content?

Now you can have it both ways, by using Odiogo to convert your blog posts to MP3 podcasts. This system generates audio files from blog posts by pulling content from a blog’s RSS feed. It monitors the feeds on a regular basis and produce MP3s as new content is posted. Setup requires you to fill out this form. Once your feeds are enabled, you can simply promote the service on site.

You can see how this system works in this demo, or, even better, on just about any article in The Red Herring. Here’s an easy way to take all of that great blog content … and turn it into beautiful music.

Odiogo generates a new RSS feed enriched with the produced MP3 files. This is the feed that end-users would include in their podcast software such as iTunes or Juice.

Great content is great content - no matter what form it’s in. Remember that your users are all over the place and looking for options to multi-task. This system could work on just about anything, including company newsletters, product information, or even new selling tools.


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