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Posted by tom klein July 25, 2008

Few companies can afford to keep a professional copywriter on staff, despite constant need for quality content.

Consider using an on-demand copy marketplace like Helium. Helium is similar to Odesk, the developers community we discussed in It’s a small world. Here’s how it works- publishers submit their article requirements (a brief description of the piece), choose a channel (a specific content category like Travel, Business, or Technology), then specify a deadline, word count, and cash prize amount. Helium uses a rating system to qualify writers, but any member of the community can take a stab at your piece. At the end of the competition, you choose among the submissions and award a winner.

Helium is an ideal solution for the company who can’t commit to in-house talent and doesn’t have the time or energy to sift through freelance portfolios. You choose content a la carte and there is no commitment to the writer who provides the material.

All Helium article submissions are protected by the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), which means you are entitled to the same rights as any other professional, published writer. If you discover that your work has been plagiarized, you can make a claim against the magazine or newspaper that published your work as it is fully copyrighted material.

Helium uses a unique rating engine to democratically qualify and rank their writers. Similar to Google, they won't reveal their true secret sauce but tell us that the number of articles written, publisher feedback, and a "leapfrog" system (a way for writers to improve the low ranking of an article already published) are the key ingredients.


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