For sore eyes Create a simple website with Google Sites

Posted by tom klein May 23, 2008

Sometimes, all you need is a little space. Not a huge website or complicated design – just a space to post an idea, collaborate with coworkers, or just to get online in front of your customers.

Thanks to Google Sites, you can create a simple website or project space with no knowledge of html or any technical inclination. Even better, its free. All you need is a Google account (this too is free) to get started. After a few basic questions and a single click, your website is up and running. You can customize the look and feel of the page, add text and images, and of course start using it to sell to your customers.

No matter what size your business may be, you can and should have a presence on the web. Here’s a very easy way to make that happen.

These days, you don't really have to know any HTML to create a web page, embed a YouTube video or put to use any number of applications or widgets. As this system shows, if you can create an email, you can create a website.

Even if your business is driven by personal selling, you still need a website. Where can you highlight testimonials, explain the credibility building tools that you use, or even just describe what it is that you do? The web.


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