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Posted by tom klein November 22, 2009

Trying to keep up with digital marketing feels like chasing your tail

I’m sure you’ve noticed, if you’ve been paying attention, that we’ve, well, slowed down a bit when it comes to publishing at feed growth!

We’re currently retooling the site to make it more open to submissions and articles written by other people. After¬† years of writing articles about digital marketing ideas, we’re ready to open things up a little bit. There are so many great marketers out there, and despite our wish for omniscience, our readers are no doubt much smarter than any one person.

So, we’re going to put the wisdom of crowds to work.

We’ll have some minor changes along the way shortly, but feel free to submit actual articles. We’ll be sticking with the current format (just look at anything that’s in here), so keep that in mind. If you have a great idea that you would like to share with interested digital marketers, feel free to write up a short article in the feed growth format (see below), and then submit it to me at feed growth!.

We’ll edit it as sparingly as possible, and then add it to the site.¬† Sounds simple. We’ll see how it actually works. If you want to add more information or specific screen shots or anything, just let us know.

Oh, and for that format.

Each feed growth! article tends to follow this same format.

Paragraph 1 sort of frames the issue or the problem that the tool addresses.
Paragraph 2 introduces the tool or idea and then gives the meat of how it works, how you sign up, how you get the value out of it.
Paragraph 3 adds a fun little element or highlights perhaps well known success stories or users.

Finally, the tech morsel is the nerdy bit where you can use techspeak without concern. And, the secret sauce is intended to be the marketing principle at work or really what sets the idea or tool apart from everyone else.

Why don’t you give it a whirl?

From RFID to the Chrome OS to Rspec and Cucumber. In this tiny spot, you can speak to the left brain.

Will it aid in positioning, save you money, or maybe increase customer retention. How will this tool help the marketer?

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