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Posted by maggie.hunsucker December 19, 2008 at 6:19 amarticles, blogging and publishing

We’ve never been shy (or above self promotion), so we are pleased and honored to announce the inclusion of feed growth! in Alltop.

For those who don’t know, Alltop is a massive feed aggregator, collecting stories from cherry-picked blogs and news sites across the web. And we do mean “massive”. There are hundreds of subtopics within the main Alltop categories – Work, Living, Culture, Interests, Tech, People, Good, News, Geos, & Sports – of which, each displays feeds from hundreds of sites.

Humble little feed growth! can be found under Content Marketing.

A self-dubbed “online magazine rack”, Alltop is the pet project of venture capitalist and Apple evangelist, Guy Kawasaki. Alltop’s goal is to add some variety to your diet by exposing you to new sites and ideas. Part of the allure of the site, besides being part of the cool kids (oh wait, that just applies to us), is the simple layout and topical navigation. By design, the site is meant to be both overwhelming and easy-to-use – a virtual floodgate of well-organized information.

Alltop is a great resource for discovering new sites and immersing yourself in all the latest news by area of interest.

For those who clicked over from Alltop and are reading this blog for the first time, we welcome you. Feed growth! is a digital marketing idea-a-day site for helping you create a customer feeding frenzy – a bite-size portion of digital marketing goodness. And we promise, the bizarre sea creatures make more sense over time.


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  1. I really enjoy Slltop. I think that it is really well put together. I'm a big beliver in Guy Kawasaki too. Great post! TAM The Almost Millionaire posted on

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