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Posted by tom klein April 23, 2008

So many businesses are charged with communicating a lot more than features and benefits of a product. They have to communicate steps in a process – simply what happens over a certain period of time. Getting the steps across in a way that’s interesting has always been a challenge.

You have a new weapon to use in the simple timeline tool Dipity. What’s interesting here is not only that you can populate a timeline with events. It’s that you can populate it with information that’s already out on the web, using everything from RSS feeds to changes to your Flickr account. While it has some entertainment value, the business idea here is to use it to help differentiate your service from your competitor. Even if you’re doing something simple like painting houses, here’s a great way to document stages in the process, using images or videos, and then publish the whole thing on your site as a case example.

Your customers like reading boring text cases even less than you like writing them. Why don’t you string together web content to tell your story – and sell?

In addition to presenting your information as a timeline, this service also gives you the option of presenting the same information on a map or even as a simple list of flip book.

Think about how you might use a tool like this one to document a process that would also help differentiate your offering. Are you doing something special in your service that your customers don’t really see? Here’s how you show them.


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