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Posted by tom klein July 14, 2008

While blogging is no art form, it has evolved into something that can be a bit formal, requiring a title or sometimes both a title and a description. Sometimes, you don’t want to make everything feel like an article. You just want a little corner of the web over which your consciousness can stream.

That’s where “tumblelogs” come into play, like Tumblr. The icon-based interface makes posting text, photos, audio files, and videos a breeze. And unlike traditional blogs, Tumblr features community elements like the ability to follow other Tumblrs (similar to friending on a social network) and receive their updates from your dashboard or via RSS feed.

Tumblr is a free platform, providing audio and video hosting at no additional cost. Users are given a unique name.tumblr.com url upon signup and access to advanced features like custom themes, custom CSS, and custom domains (i.e. you can have a Tumblr log on your own domain). If you’re just looking to hang the answer out there, or just express yourself, this is a great option.

Tumblr also has a bookmarklet - a JavaScript-based mini-publisher - that you can add to your browser's bookmarks menu. When your surf the web and find something you want to post on Tumblr, click on your bookmarklet tool to activate the interface and grab images, quotes, and text directly from the page.

If you're looking to unlock the intelligence inside your company, a tumblelog might be the way to do it. Instead of expecting people that work in service, operations or sales to create formal blog posts, it may be easier to get them to simply pull together helpful short format posts.


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