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Posted by tom klein October 15, 2007

It’s easy to think of the blogosphere as this untrackable morass – teeming with the rants of crazy people. Unfortunately, anyone with a brand that’s worth anything has to worry about what’s being said.

One easy way to do it is with co.mments. This tool lets you track the comments made on any blog. In much the same way that bookmarking sites do (see Social butterfly), after creating an account, you can simply bookmark any specific page that enables comments (most blog posts). Then, when anyone adds a comment, it’s added to your co.mments page. The system can also notify you by email or by RSS when something new arrives.

Ever have to leave a really juicy conversation and wondered what happened? Now with online conversations, you no longer have to. Use a blog search tool (see A little bird told me) to find those blogs that are mentioning your brand. Then, put co.mments to work to stay on top of every comment. Don’t you want to hear what people are saying about you?

Interested to get a glimpse of what people are finding interesting in general? You can simply view recently added conversations. What’s so interesting that people want to follow it? Prepare for a shock - much of what’s interesting is not … written in English.

Trying to determine if your brand health has taken a dive? Think of the recent iPhone price drop and the resulting firestorm. Use co.mments so you can rely on more than anecdotes and also listen into to what your important customers (investors, employees?!) are saying, assuming you can find them.


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