Chicken scratch Convert hand written content to PDFs using Qipit

Posted by tom klein February 5, 2008

While online content is great, we’re still living in a world where paper or white boards are hard to beat when it comes to sharing ideas with another person or a group of people. We don’t have giant LCD’s for capturing notes just yet. The problem is … what do you do with your brilliant insights once you’ve finished at the white board?

You can use Qipit to turn your white board or flip chart notes into PDF’s. Here’s how it works: Take a picture of a whiteboard with your camera phone or digital camera. Send the picture from your phone or via email to [email protected] You’ll receive a link to the online digital copy of your document. From there, you can download it, email, do just about anything with it.

It’s that simple. Go ahead. Pick up that marker and start writing or drawing.

This system doesn’t just take pictures of handwritten documents. The software optimizes the image, generating a clear, straightened, easier to read version that you can then use wherever you would use any electronic document.

In an age where everyone obsesses about the perfect font that matches well aligned graphical elements, what used to be commonplace, hand written or drawn documents, can stand out. At least, that’s what we think.


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