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Posted by tom klein September 24, 2008

It’s common practice to cite a highly reputable source, such as a book or author, when building your brand’s credibility. We frequently call on expert and academic Don Norman when making the case for putting usability ahead of decoration. Problem is, this type of content requires your audience to link to another site.

Now you can add professional book previews to your website or blog with Google Preview Wizard. This tool lets you put brand-supporting materials within plain view and build your own user experience around a book. Google Preview Wizard is part of the Google Book Search API, which gives any average Joe with a rudimentary knowledge of HTML the ability to link to, utilize, and preview publications listed in Google Book Search. The app is JavaScript-based (i.e. no download required), giving users the functionality to zoom in and out, advance pages, and highlight search terms all within the preview window.

Google Preview Wizard is free, and it takes seconds to generate the necessary HTML code (we know because we timed it). To get started, locate the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) associated with the publication – this is a 10 or 13 digit number found above the barcode on the book, itself. Plug the ISBN into Google Preview Wizard, specify whether you want your preview window embedded in your site, as a pop-up, or a link to another page. Google spits out the code; all you have to do is copy and paste in your webpage’s HTML, and you are done. Check out the preview we created below:

If you’re looking for an easy way to highlight specific book content on your site, Google Preview Wizard is just the ticket. Besides, who couldn’t use some “words of wisdom” to help bolster their product or service?

Google's Book Search API is open to tinkering developers, looking to create a custom solution. It includes access to the Data API, which performs the same operations as Google Book Search.

Google Preview Wizard provides a nice, meaty selection from the preview book, so chances are, you can refer your audience to a specific passage.


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