Book'em Danno Turn PDF’s into selling materials with Booklet Creator

Posted by tom klein March 4, 2008

Sometimes when everyone else is zigging … it’s the right time to zag.

When you want to turn a PDF into a booklet or selling materials that you can hand out, try the handy little BookletCreator. It couldn’t be simpler. Upload your PDF, let the system run, and it outputs a new PDF. Print this new one out and you’ll find that it’s converted it so that the pages are ready to be stapled together to create a paper booklet. Once you have the printed version, you can hand it out to prospects, whether they’re coming up to your lemonade stand or your recruiting booth.

If you’re looking to grow a business, sometimes growing sales is as simple as a table tent or a little paper booklet. Lots ‘o singles can be better than the rare home run.

We’ve covered different things to do with PDF’s, such as turning them into iPaper (as we discussed in Cogito, ergo). In this instance, just by changing the organization of a PDF, this system helps you convert a regular document into a little booklet.

It’s no longer a rare thing to be able to print in color whenever you want. So often there’s an opportunity to put your message right into someone’s hand that just goes wasted. Don’t forget that your color printer can be part of your marketing arsenal.


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