Avoid the Noid? Create a good looking, simple site with Webnode

Posted by tom klein March 20, 2008

It’s easy to forget that most websites are, well, terrible. Bad fonts, ugly images, limited functionality, poor structure.

Yours doesn’t have to be, if you take advantage of Webnode. With this free tool, and with only a web browser, you can create a good looking, basic website. And you don’t have to be a web geek to do it. They provide a tool bar, and then you can drag and drop the elements that you want onto your site – including things like polls, forums, articles, catalogs, and widgets. Even cool and useful stuff like Google maps or Paypal payment buttons.

This tool contains more than 40 templates that you can put to use. There’s no reason to put up with an unattractive website anymore, no matter what your talent or budget level.

This system is pretty slick. It even gives you complete control over your new pages, including the ability to adjust elements important for search, such as individual page titles, meta tags, and page descriptions.

If you think about it, the expansion of the blogosphere is just the beginning of the publishing revolution. The general trend is for the gradual democratization of self-service-ization (I know, not a word) of just about everything.


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