A funny thing happened Create a customer forum in minutes with LeFora

Posted by tom klein April 21, 2008

Some of the most vibrant customer support sites are really just forums where someone can easily search and find an answer. If you’re wondering why you haven’t made this possible for your customers, stop wondering.

Start doing. With Lefora, you can have a customer forum up and operational in a matter of minutes. You know the drill. Sign up, provide a name for your forum, pick your username and password, then you’re off to the races. You can customize the categories, of course set the parameters of your forum, and even manage everything. LeFora includes lots of great features, like threaded comments, an editor that makes it easy to embed images and videos, and some handy management tools.

Why not let your customers find the answers, instead of paying someone to answer the same question over and over.

Forums have been around on the internet forever, even before the web existed. They’ve been around and are so popular for one reason - they really work. They make it easy to hold a conversation about something.

Sure, you might have a FAQ already or even pay a ton of money for a fancy call center. Is there something that you might learn from the Support Boards run by the likes of Apple or Microsoft?



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  1. Hey Tom, somebody from Lefora here, and just wanted to say you made some good points on the value of a forum. They do indeed predate the web and our intentions are to bring traditional forum software up to date with current social trends on the web. We see them as the best way to create an online community. vincent from lefora Vincent Lauria posted on
  2. Late to the game (greetings from Cobb County!) , but saw this right on the lefora front page: "Recently overheard in Lefora i dont know why any one in their right fucking mind would ever run an unsealed bb. or…" Do I really want my business forum on a site that can't even keep its front page inoffensive? Or literate? Lyke, OMG, Ur t33n demographic R not gunna pay teh billz. vB, SMF, bbPress and the rest may not look all post-Web 2.0 and "Social", but what you gain in pretty you can lose in control. There's something to be said about having total, absolute control over not just your content, but the way it is delivered and the -enviromnent- in which that content may be viewed. I could care less about the f-bomb, but, pardon the pun, I'll be damned if I want it anywhere my paying customers might see it. It may be great for an online community - and again, I could argue even that, with no obvious mention of ads or revenue sharing - but it's not where's I'd want my online -business-. Look at woot.com - their forums boil over with sarcasm, photochops and insane amounts of LITERATE participation. And they seem to be making $$$ truckload over fist. There's reliability (looks at tripod and lycos europe), stability (wordpress bought out and remarketed the biggest 3rd party comment system plugin, and now it's so slow no one can use it), customization, administration, the list goes on. Joe posted on

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