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Posted by tom klein November 30, 2007

Ever take a trip down the interstate and decide to eat somewhere thanks to a billboard? Maybe even get a free pecan roll? Now you can deliver promotions that catch your consumers whenever they’re in the mood.

How’s that? You can use Cellfire to deliver mobile coupons that are activated when they’re needed. This service was inspired by someone who kept forgetting his coupons at home. You can use it to send promotions to your customers’ cell phone. When they want to redeem the coupon, they indicate such, and then the service shows a special code number. Customers can then show this code number to everyone from a cashier to a pizza deliveryman to get some kind of discount.

With this system, you can let customers use your coupon several times while also controlling the total number of redemptions (and of course control your budget). Companies that are using this system include Subway, EMI, Ben & Jerry’s, TGI Friday’s, Arby’s. Do you think your customers or prospects might decide to visit your store if they knew they had a coupon right on their phone?

Unlike most mobile services, this system also works if you happen to use a Treo, a Blackberry, or even an iPhone. The secret sauce here is the ability to provide coupon codes just in time, giving the provider of the coupon more control than traditional web coupons.

There’s just too much going on in consumers’ lives. No one wants to clip pieces of paper and carry them around. While promotions should be used sparingly so as to avoid training your customers to expect them, there’s a real benefit to staying top of mind and in the purchase cycle.


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