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Posted by tom klein October 25, 2007

It’s easy to forget that one out of three people on the web visit Amazon to do a little shopping. In addition to Googling for something, a lot of people just search on Amazon for what soothes their soul at the moment. You know the story. If someone’s looking for a bar tool set, martini glasses and top shelf liquor may follow close behind.

You can ride that shopping slipstream by advertising your own wares on Amazon, using their in house ad service – ClickRiver. Here’s how it works: 1) Create your budget, 2) Develop your text ad (just like a search pay per click ad), 3) Target the ad by using keywords or shopping categories 4) Fork over your credit card 5) Sit back and count your click throughs and incremental sales.

Simply put – this is just like Google Adwords, but it runs on Amazon’s network. You can argue that if someone is already at Amazon, they’re really quite serious about making a purchase. Maybe even more so than someone who is just searching casually. Don’t you want to know for sure?

If you want to split hairs, ClickRiver is really part of Amazon’s search business - called A9. Just as with other search ads, you can have a campaign up and running in a matter of minutes. And, of course, advertisers only pay when someone actually clicks the ad.

While marketers have embraced segmentation and GIS data for years to help target advertising and perhaps to choose store locations, that information can be helpful in search investments. If you know that your target likes country music, this tool lets you put that knowledge to work.


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