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Posted by tom klein January 7, 2008

If you’re trying to figure out how to take a successful TV ad campaign and rethink it for the web, you might be able to learn something from a monkey.

A monk-e-mail, that is. Consider using the VHost Workshop from Oddcast, the technology behind the monk-e-mail, to create a viral messaging campaign. If you’ve invested in developing television advertising, this system will give your consumers a way to remix your ad content in a unique and fun way. This platform can be configured to let your consumers record messages via a computer microphone or phone call, upload their own graphics, and then send the output to their friends. The output can be a real riot.

The platform license fee starts at $45K. When you add the extensive customization costs, it’s clear this is a significant project. If you have a large brand, it could be the way to keep your consumers engaged, long after the TV media runs out.

As you’ll see in this case study, monk-e-mail is one of the most successful viral campaigns in history, with over 25 million unique visitors to the site and 100 million messages played. And, it’s still going.

This viral campaign has been so successful that many consumers probably don’t realize that it was inspired by a TV advertisement. The radical lesson here might be to START with an online, viral campaign, not follow with it.



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  1. The momentum and buzz from a good super bowl ad extend to the watercooler, but what do you do with it then? providing an online extension to the TV campaign is the no-brainer answer - whereby users can spread the conversation way beyond the watercooler. Adi posted on
  2. great! I love these avatar viral emails! shawn posted on

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