What's new pussycat? Drive site traffic by placing search ads informed with Google Hot Trends

Posted by tom klein October 9, 2007

It’s easy to forget that you can create and place a search ad in less than five minutes. That speed and ease of placement don’t usually get you anything . . . but now they can.

Try using Google Hot Trends to combine the “in the moment” thinking of traditional PR with the tracking power of search advertising. Hot Trends reflects what people are searching for … right now. It doesn’t highlight what’s hot based on sheer numbers (boring terms like weather), but by focusing on sudden surges in popularity.

For example, a recent Hot Trend is the search term deceptively delicious – the name of a new cookbook by Jerry Seinfeld’s wife. You can use this knowledge to create a related search ad that drives traffic to your site. Here’s one that we put in place in a matter of minutes.

For as little as cents per click, you can target your search ads at the hottest trends. Give it a try.

Hot Trends shows related searches, a search-volume graph, and the top cities. It also displays news, blogs, and web results to provide context and ideally help you understand why the search term is so popular. With hourly updates, you can always put your finger on the pulse of the web.

What’s critical here is applying some analysis and logic to determining the alignment of your brand’s target and the search user who is driving the trend. For something like a cookbook targeted at creating healthy meals for children, you should be able to figure out if it’s a good fit or not. It’s not always so easy.


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