What say you? Send voicemail ads to your best customers with Pingercast

Posted by tom klein February 11, 2008

Even if you go through the effort of getting your customers to provide their email addresses, you’re still going to have to do battle with spam filters to get your message to them. How can you make sure that your best customers learn about your new products, special sales, or anything that’s just right for them?

Try sending a voicemail ad using a service from Pinger. This service lets you create a voicemail and then send it to an individual or a group of people. Here’s how it works. You create a voicemail. You indicate the recipient(s) and then they receive a notification by text message telling them that they’ve received a voice mail message. It’s a convenient way to get a customized message in your own voice to a group of customers. Imagine how you might use this service just to remind everyone with an appointment that day. Or maybe if you want to send special messages to your best customers when you get in new products. Or, how about if you’re a politician or a musician and want to promote your latest, um, gig. You can use this system to send up to a 5-minute message to thousands of recipients (Pingercast).

No matter what you’re pitching, here is an unobtrusive way to reach out to your customers, fans, or even your groupies, and send them both a voice mail and a text message. And for small groups, it’s free. Why not give it a try?

This system can be a great way to reach out to your friends or customers around the globe as it works in many countries, including the UK, Germany, France, Brazil, and Israel, among many others.

What’s special here is the ability to send a message in your own voice, but to have it delivered by text. You can deliver all of your personality (or maybe some inspiring tunes) to help get your point across.


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