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Posted by tom klein November 15, 2007

Most of the time, when we get a new technology, we tend to apply it first to the way we currently do things. It’s in the second wave when things really get interesting.

Turn is a good example. It’s a tool that will automatically place ads for you across its network, based on where it thinks it will get you the best results. What’s really different here is that with these ads, you only have to pay if someone actually performs a specific action that you want (your prospect doesn’t just click through, but actually buys, downloads – does precisely what you want). You simply create your ad(s), set your price for the action you want, and then go.

This is something different from PPC (pay-per-click), it’s PPA (pay-per-action), and where online advertising is going.

As you’ll see in how this works, you will need to indicate to the system what page on your site indicates that an action has been completed. That might be a post purchase page or even a post email signup page.

This doesn’t spell the end of great creative. Because the system optimizes in both directions, it will just learn over time what ads don’t work and will stop showing them.


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