Guiding a flock Sell and manage ads on your site with RevSense

Posted by tom klein June 9, 2008

As we discussed in Marks the spot, the easiest way to monetize a website (or blog) is to utilize an ad network. However, managing the selling process can be a bit much for a novice publisher.

That’s where RevSense steps in. You tell the system what kind of ad space you want to allot on your site (text, banner, display, custom size) and how much your space sells for. You can either set a fixed price or allow advertisers to bid on your real estate by charging by the click (CPC), by the impression (CPM), or a daily run (CPD). RevSense takes over from there, managing the advertiser sign-up, ad placement, and billing process (using Paypal or Check out the demo.

To install Revsense on your site, you need to fork over $99 and then download the source code. You may need some IT help to get it in place. With the right resource, the whole process takes less than 5 minutes. RevSense will install the software on your server for an additional fee.

If you’re looking to generate ad revenue from a wide variety of ads, here’s an option to consider.

With a single installation of RevSense, you can serve ads on multiple sites. This is great for a network of sites. In addition, this system can display ads based on advertisers who pay more, giving you more flexibility on the sales side.

Every publisher has to address the inevitable trade-offs associated with ad sales and placement. Use a large ad network exclusively, develop a mix, sell ads individually, use multiple networks - the options are overwhelming, often leading to something of a Frankenstein approach. This system might be your Igor (to get things under control).


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