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Posted by tom klein October 4, 2007

For most companies, the idea of running TV advertising is just hopelessly out of reach. Hiring an ad agency is fraught with peril. Producing an ad is incredibly complex and expensive. Buying media is really best left to the professionals.

Spot Runner changes all of that. This site lets you create and customize an ad chosen from a pre-produced ad library, develop a media schedule for a highly specific target, such as your city or neighborhood, and even, if you want, to run a specific network. Then, they run the ad. If you happen to be running for office, they even have a special section just for you.

A complete campaign, from ad to air, can be developed and run for as low as $1500. You read that correctly – we’re not leaving out any zeros. When it’s targeted and engaging, few things can beat TV for making a big impact, quickly. Why not give it a try?

This service lets you customize the pre-produced videos by letting you upload and append your logos and specific images. They then integrate your images (along with a custom voice-over) into the video to communicate the key benefits of your brand.

If you’re thinking about how you might experiment with your marketing dollars in 2008, consider this approach to spot TV advertising. Consider integrating a custom URL into your ad, so you will know precisely who is visiting your site after having seen your ad on TV. Shouldn’t the first micro-targeted TV ad your customer sees be yours?


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