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Posted by tom klein January 14, 2008

If you’re in a small business, you know that one of the major challenges is figuring out how to wear many hats. The “design a display ad” hat doesn’t fit on too many heads.

AdReady might be the tool for you, no matter what your design skills are. AdReady can help you run the whole thing – from creating the ads to managing and tracking their results. Sign up, choose a display ad from their library (including different sizes), then customize it to your specifications. In most cases, you choose your message and images, then add your company logo to a pre-designed selection of ads (some even have historical click through rates).

After you have created (or uploaded) a display ad, indicate your advertising budget, then the system allocates it among Google, RightMedia, and’s networks based on the ad’s category and geography. The system will recommend an allocation or you can make one of your own. Finally, you can track your investment’s performance in a dashboard.

If you want to create display ads, now they’re as simple to place as search ads (as we reviewed in Search me)

AdReady’s real value is making self-service possible - essentially the ability to create and place display ads without the need for a third party. They do take a fee for this capability, so be sure to compare what an agency might do with what this system charges.

The web is a world where pithy rules. Display ads resemble billboards in the need for them to be easily understood in just a few seconds. Remember to focus on your point of difference if you want to move your brand forward.


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