Money to Burn Reach RSS readers with the Feedburner Ad Network

Posted by tom klein September 15, 2008

So many blog fans never visit the site where the blog appears – thanks to RSS syndication. Question is, how do you advertise on a site that everyone is reading, but no one is on?

You can advertise on the feed itself with Feedburner, a trusted name in the RSS world (see Do you smell smoke? ). Feedburner now offers a highly-targetable ad network with RSS advertising capabilities. They boast an impressive inventory of publishers, including the Wall Street Journal Online, Wired News, USA Today, and many popular blogs. Ads appear as simple banner displays under the RSS content (as seen in this example); considering most RSS feeds are a few lines of text and a link, your advertisement gets maximum visibility in a traditionally unadulterated ad space.

The Feedburner Ad Server lets you target specific demographics by content channel – Arts & Entertainment, Computing & Technology, Business, and Current Affairs & Politics, to name a few. Advertisers maintain quality control with the AdClimate feature, which lets you suppress ad placement when sites feature inappropriate or irrelevant material to your campaign (i.e. it’s like reverse keywords).

Here’s an opportunity to be really smart with your online advertising dollars – why pay for expensive real restate if your audience isn’t even looking there?

AdClimate is a prime feature of the Feedburner Ad Network, but the platform also offers capabilities like geo-targeting by country/state/DMA, day-partitioning, and frequency-capping.

If you think about it, RSS subscribers are a loyal and particularly tech savvy audience segment. Content is served daily, often hourly, to keep up with their voracious content appetites. A typical site reader might catch a glimpse of your advertisement while browsing a blog or website, but RSS advertising engages audiences with every article they read.


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