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Posted by tom klein July 2, 2008

When customers search for products or services, location is often a deciding factor. Google has long recognized this fact and has been steadily adding features to their Google Maps API. With a simple mouse click, a user can see restaurants, hotels, and gas stations as a map overlay, helping them identify and narrow down choices by vicinity.

Now, Google is literally letting companies put their brand on the map. Google Mapplets is a free developer application that lets you add your company or product information as a place point on Google Maps. Technically, it’s a mini-webpage, so pretty much anything you can think of within the constraints of html is allowed, including images, JavaScript, and Flash. Let’s say Peppy’s Pizza adds a Google Mapplet. Customers can access their menu, read restaurant reviews, or feast their eyes on their amazing Chicago-style deep dish pies, directly from Google Maps.

Mapplets are fairly simple to create but require basic web development knowledge to write the code. Considering Google is offering a free platform for exposing your brand to millions and complete content control, it may be well worth the investment.

Mapplets are part of the Google Gadgets family (as we mentioned in Gidget goes . . . on the desktop), html and JavaScript applications that can be embedded in other applications or webpages. Expect more gadgets as Google has just unveiled a single line of code that will help developers make certain gadgets open-source.

Google built an ad layer into their Mapplets application via their Adsense system. Similar to their other ad vehicles, advertisers appear as listings in your Mapplet content, and you earn revenue for every link click.


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