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Posted by tom klein June 28, 2007

Whether you think it’s a scourge or a delight, talk radio has a huge audience. This begs the question, why shouldn’t you put your brand front and center with an internet radio station of your own?

Live365 gives you the chance to create and broadcast your own web-based radio station to a global audience. Professional packages with royalty included (if you are thinking about playing even one copyrighted song) start at $107 per month with a $199 setup fee, giving you 500 broadcasting hours. From there it is up to you to decide on content. Maybe a seasonal station would be a good fit. A brand like Butterball could host a special station in November to help consumers prepare for Thanksgiving. Or maybe it’s an opportunity to share with Ocean Spray who could also host reports from the bog during cranberry season.

Once up and running, Live365 provides an analysis tool that allows you to track the number of listeners, listening times, and geographic location. Oh, and don’t forget that anything you create for your radio station could be re-purposed and live forever on your web-site or on iTunes as a podcast.

Be careful when you choose a package, since sound quality on your station is dependent on the bit-rate (bandwidth) at which you're streaming. Too high and only people with high-speed internet can listen in, too low and it'll sound like an AM station off a radio from the 50's. If you can afford it, opt for two separate bit-rates, one for high-speed listeners and another for those with dial-up.

Create a unique look for your player window to enrich the listener's brand experience. With a custom HTML version or custom Flash version you can showcase your brand as people listen in, adding pictures, advertisements, and messages about promotions in the form of active links to the skin (facade) of the player.


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