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Posted by tom klein July 25, 2007

Ask anyone who runs a call center and he/she will tell you that when your customer calls you with questions, there’s really no hotter sales lead. It is the 20th century version of showing up at the front door, asking to buy something. How easy is it for your customers or prospects to call you?

Jaduka’s Click-and-Connect service (and others like it) lets you make it unbelievably easy for a customer to initiate a call. From any web page (or HTML email), a user clicks on a button, and then enters a phone number. The system then places a call to each person and connects the call. Think about it – there are valid reasons why someone would prefer an inbound call from your company, instead of picking up the phone and calling. It may be too hard to find the correct number; they may decide to buy on a page without a phone number. Or, even more important these days, they’re on the cell phone and dialing is inconvenient.

It doesn’t really matter why they use it; studies show that customers tend to prefer these inbound calls. It may just drive incremental responses to your email marketing and search marketing efforts. The bottom line – better response rates translate into real dollars. With the first 60 minutes free and simple setup (afterwards, an hour of connect time is 5 bucks), why not give it (or the alternative eStara) a try?

Consider trying this type of service wherever you find it. Google (tested and cancelled) and Windows/Verizon are exploring in this area - tying click to call to their mapping offering. What’s great about this kind of offering is that you can simply test it to see if it’s worth the incremental cost.

Of course, phone calls are expensive compared to email.  Remember that you can and probably should offer differentiated service (and selling) methods based on your targeted segments. If someone is looking for the low cost and low margin offering, let them use self-service. If you’re trying to entice someone to a high margin product, getting him or her on the phone may be worth it.


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  1. It's certainly true that click to call services are increasing in popularity. However, it's important to note that the true value of click to call goes beyond it simply being a proxy for a standard phone call. Robust click to call services offer real-time reporting and analytics that complement traditional Web analytics tools, and help optimize marketing campaigns and prove performance across channels. In the world of e-commerce, solutions like eStara's, also allow for businesses to engage customers proactively and maintain the context of the customer's online session as they move from the Web to the contact center. Dan Obregon posted on

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