Rhymes with Raj Monetize your website’s background with AdCamo advertising

Posted by tom klein September 22, 2008

Just as in the analog world, it seems that there’s no limit to where you can place digital advertising. But, of course, if you’re looking to grow a business, that can be a good thing.

Enter AdCamo, the first “background advertising platform” of its kind. AdCamo lets publishers offer up and monetize the empty background space on a website or blog. Before you imagine the worst – AdCamo ads do not interfere with your site content or design, and publishers retain complete control over the size and relative obtrusiveness of the advertising they display. Choose between 3 formats – tiled (repetitive imagery), pillar (horizontal or vertical columns), and projection. Check out these examples to see how AdCamo ads appear.

AdCamo is compatible with all ad networks and can be added to your website with only a few lines of html code. In other words, if you are already in bed with an ad network, you can continue to do business through the AdCamo API, offering the same advertisers an innovative option for their campaigns. Choose between CPC, CPM or flat-rate revenue models.

Most publishers are open to selling ad space on their website or blog, so why not offer all your empty space to a single advertiser, with a single message? You may be surprised how uncluttered and highly engaging the experience can be.

AdCamo ads are clickable and provide both publishers and advertisers with detailed analytics and reporting. AdCamo's Time Before Click technology (TBC) helps to measure campaign effectiveness by timing visitor clicks.

Most site visitors have learned to tune out traditional display ads. AdCamo gives advertisers a completely new way to reach audiences and some great incentives. Advertisers have creative control of the space they rent and get a complementary brandable cursor that displays a company or product's logo as visitors cursor over the ad. Through the the AdCamo Synch Engine, advertisers can purchase and run sister display ads with their background campaign.


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