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Posted by tom klein November 28, 2007

While most console gamers are men, women make up approximately 50% of phone gamers. Didn’t realize people were even playing games on their phones?

You can reach them with advertising by using Greystripe’s AdWRAP Campaign Manager. This system lets advertisers reach mobile users with full screen interactive ads. If you have ads, then you have to have people playing the games. This ad campaign manager is the flip side of one of the most popular mobile gaming sites – GameJump. Over 12 million downloads later, it seems that users are fine with having to see ads before and after playing with games like Firby or Virtual Bear.

With high growth, competitors who make people pay (instead of using an ad model), and backing from Disney’s venture arm, there are big bets on this market growing quickly. Why not add mobile gaming ads into your repertoire to see if they punch your numbers.

Sure it’s great to be able to show an ad in an environment where people are staring at the screen. However, what can be the most powerful is taking advantage of the interactive nature of the phone - a phone call is always just a click away.

Gaming just keeps getting bigger. Games are really no different from magazines. They require real attention, but there are different ones for different people. Not everyone wants to make an origami flower or get the frog across the street.


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