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Posted by tom klein February 25, 2008

Sometimes the science of ad placement can be intimidating. Whether you’re a publisher or not, it’s worth the effort to understand how publishers are using web tools to optimize ad placement.

One of the most popular tools for doing this is OpenX. It’s a popular, free, open-source ad server that lets publishers pick and choose among ad networks, direct ads, and house ads to optimize revenue per page. Remember that the web is just a big optimization program waiting to happen. Publishers are using tools just like this one to determine if your ad stays or goes. And, importantly, when it stays, which user should see it and why. This system makes it possible to target advertising to higher value visitors based on location, user data, and keywords, among other things.

Because this is free, and in most cases, thanks to the web revolution, almost everyone is really both a publisher and an advertiser, why don’t you download it and learn more about how it works. No matter which side of the table you’re on, getting smarter always helps.

As you know, advertisers can be (and we’re proud to say should be) demanding when it comes to tracking their marketing investments. Tools like OpenX not only let you serve the ads when, where, and how you need to, it also lets you set ad campaign goals such as start and end dates, as well as performance targets based on clicks, impressions, or conversion.

Optimization is a very big idea and this system provides just a small example of how it applies to the placement of ads on one site. Do you think it will be long before similar (or even this) system does the same job across the web and all sites?


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