Leave the light on Advertise on Facebook applications with AdBrite

Posted by tom klein November 26, 2007

With so many people now on Facebook, you may want to think about investing some of your ad dollars to sell to them. With all of the activity coming from third party developers creating applications (see About face), how do you get in on the action?

Now you can advertise on third party Facebook applications by using AdBrite. It’s as simple as creating a campaign (First star I see tonight), targeting the campaign based on site content, and then choosing Facebook as your specialty channel. Your ads will then appear on popular Facebook apps such as iLike, Pirates, TV Trivia and Fight Club.

Don’t you think some of your customers might be among Facebook’s 55 million users?

If Facebook applications are new to you, maybe you should get to know them. iLike, an application that lets you add music to your profile and find your favorite concerts, has approximately 11 million users.

Want to learn more about how to use Facebook and get to know other feed growth! readers with a passion for digital marketing? Here’s how - join the feed growth! fishing club on Facebook, a Facebook group that’s open to anyone. If Facebook isn’t for you, you can also join the feed growth! fishing club on LinkedIn (or both if you like). It won’t hurt - we promise.


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