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Posted by tom klein March 31, 2008

Many people have just given up trying to guess correct domain names for companies or brands. They’ve gotten to the point where they just type everything into the search bar first, then go from there. This behavior might be something you can capitalize on if you have a domain name that’s not just perfect for your brand or company.

Try advertising your search terms, in addition to your domain. For example, local Atlanta running store Phidippides has a very difficult domain name – it’s nearly impossible to spell. In case you were wondering, the company was named after the original marathon runner. While the brand name has authenticity in spades, what makes it tough is the fact that even spelling champions hesitate before all of those p’s and d’s. In addition to using its domain name, Phidippides should tell customers and prospects that they can find their website by simply Googling “running shoes atlanta.”

Because the company comes up as the first result in a Google search, it’s a great way to reinforce that they are indeed the definitive leader in running shoes and apparel. And, even better, by driving more people to their site with search, they’ll only reinforce their number 1 position. Oh, and of course, they will be able to stop worrying about the fact that no one can spell their name.

Try using your idea search terms on items that aren’t permanent, of course, because you don’t want to advertise the terms unless you’re at the top of the heap. If you’re not no. 1, work to find that perfect phrasing that describes your company or brand and returns your name first. It’s not that hard to do.

Remember, this is a chance to do some marketing. If you’re going to optimize your site for a phrase, remember to choose a phrase that is easy to remember, communicates your key brand benefits, and, well, we can’t forget, is easy to spell.


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