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Posted by tom klein December 7, 2007

If you’ve done your homework, your product will be featured in numerous blogs. How do you make sure that good editorial (blog-a-torial?) turns into sales?

Remove the search middleman and let blog readers become buyers with Chitika’s EMiniMall. It’s an interactive and stylized PPC (pay-per-click) advertisement that appears next to blog content and offers customers product descriptions and comparative shopping information. In other words, if they’ve just read how great your toaster is, it can point them directly to where they can buy it. The system provides access to over 15,000 niche blogs and ad formats that are far more compelling than traditional banner ads.

Whether you like it or not, bloggers are advertising your product for you. Why not let them help you close the deal, too?

Chitika’s system serves the Myspace realm with a product called Owna - an offering that lets someone brag to their circle of friends about their new gadget (and then make money if someone happens to use the site to buy one too).

In so many cases, buying search ads can just be too expensive. In so many categories, the competitors have bid up the key words out of reach. With a system like this, you can put ads only where they make the most sense - for a lot less.


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