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Posted by tom klein September 26, 2007

The web seems like a perfect vehicle for finding coupons or promotions related to specific products. If you’re thinking about buying a pizza (the tired but always tasty internet example), you should be able to simply search for pizza in your zip code and find the latest offers. Based on those offers, you can then decide what you want. Instead, you usually just get basic results, like these.

All of that is going to change, thanks to Google Coupon Feeds, a free service for distributing and redeeming coupons. If you would like to include a coupon listing in Google search results (that users can print and bring in to your pizza parlor), they’ve provided everything you need to know. Just create a file in the correct format (they’ve provided a lot of detail [geeky code], examples, and even a validation tool), put it in the right place on your site, and then they’ll come and get it when they scan your site.

Here is what Google users will be able to print out and bring in to you. Don’t you think your customers or prospects will be looking for coupons in their search results? And, are those Jingle Bells in the near future. Better get going.

While the formatting rules are straightforward, they’re probably going to require you to get your IT department to help out (or maybe your favorite digital scientist). Just in case you’re wondering, you can also include barcodes (though not apparently the 2D variety as we discussed inThe new dimension) on your distributed coupons, too.

It’s important to think strategically whenever you engage in a promotion. You don’t want to train your customer to expect them. At the same time, they can be helpful to drive traffic, introduce new products, highlight how you’re special. Oh, and let’s not forget that since these are web coupons, you can track everything, determine ROI, and then adjust.


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