Head of the class Customize your display ads for your target with Yahoo! SmartAds

Posted by tom klein September 12, 2007

Every time you put a word in that little search bar, you’re saying something about yourself: What you like, what you’re interested in, where you like to go.

Yahoo! SmartAds puts that knowledge to work to customize display ads. These display ads change based on Yahoo!’s understanding of your preferences. For example, if you’ve searched on Yahoo! travel for trips to Las Vegas, Southwest airlines might create a display ad that shows a Las Vegas trip when you’re online. Someone else with different preferences would see a different destination, as you can see in this easy to understand demo.

While the first category available is travel, you can no doubt expect to see these same SmartAds become available across the board. Why deliver a vanilla ad when you can deliver it in your customer’s favorite flavor?

These customized ads represent the power of the internet in its purest form. Every click, every piece of data your target provides (knowingly or not) can be leveraged by any site to deliver highly targeted advertising.

Customized ads require more work! But, ultimately they’re going to be worth it. They’re a manifestation of a fundamental principle of marketing — people are more likely to buy products and services that are customized for their specific needs.


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