Go go gadget ... Video enable display advertising with Google Gadget Ads

Posted by tom klein October 11, 2007

Everyone knows that video sells better than a simple image. Why does online display advertising seem to be stuck in 1997.

Flash forward. Now you can put any and every video to work thanks to Google’s Gadget Ads. Wherever you might have put a regular display ad in the past – now you can put a video, a flash animation, a game, or just about any kind of combination of web content. Here’s a gallery of ads, featuring a video from Sierra Mist, a banner ad that advertises a new movie, and a game that sells the experience at Six Flags.

Advertisers can select specific sites for their ad or simply let Google’s ad targeting display ads on those pages calculated to be the most relevant. Also, remember, since this is the web, even videos or animation will deliver a wealth of performance metrics. Maybe you should be using Gadgets to help determine which of all your ad executions drives results (before they run on TV)?

So, how hard is it to create a gadget ad? If you already have a flash animation, you can use this handy Gadget Ad creator that makes it easier than even we anticipated. It’s not absurdly easy, but certainly with the range of many.

There’s almost nothing you can’t do in a Gadget, even integrating mapping capabilities. If you want to sell even harder, think about integrating a purchase process directly in your Gadget, much as we discussed in Buy it now.


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