Give me park avenue dahling Advertise to phone callers with Jajah

Posted by tom klein December 21, 2007

The growth of search related advertising has made everyone think twice about how different tools might be able to generate advertising revenue. There’s one thing that we do more of than search.
That’s yak on the phone.

If you want to reach phone callers, try advertising with Jajah. Here’s how it works. Users come to the Jajah website, which just so happens to offer some of the lowest international and national dialing rates in the world. From there, they simply enter their own number, enter the number they want to call, then press enter. The system will then connect you to the person you want to dial.

So, where are the ads? The system lets you deliver advertising and engaging messages in three ways. First, when consumers are typically listening to a ringtone until the calls gets connected – the system will play a recorded advertisement. Second, because this is a web-based service, users will see targeted web-based advertising on the Jajah site. Third, the system will actually ask a user if he/she would like to receive more information by text message and then follow up with a text after the call.

If you target a young, international, or just web savvy audience, here’s how to reach them right after they’ve let their fingers do the walking.

See their list of specific tools that will make it easy to turn just about any phone number you come across into a one-click phone call opportunity - for numbers you find in Outlook, Firefox, Apple Address Book, and Plaxo.

Phone traffic has exploded as mobile phones proliferate and everyone wants to fill every lonely moment with a call. Given that we’re used to hearing a recorded ring, this advertising vehicle looks poised to grow rapidly. Listen for it on a phone near you.


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