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Posted by tom klein October 8, 2007

TV isn’t going away. It’s just going to get married … to the web.

Enter the happy couple in a product called Joost. It’s a newly available IPTV player that hosts thousands of popular TV shows and other videos – all available on demand. Its beta version is just now available for download. Even better, now’s your chance to experiment with this new vehicle for advertising – including the opportunity for placement of images, video spots, overlays, widgets, and channel sponsorships. You can watch (or advertise on) some of your favorite channels – CBS, MTV, National Geographic, Comedy Central, CNN – and some great TV shows – CSI, Punk’d, Larry King, etc. There are currently 15,000+ shows that run on 250+ channels.

This marriage of TV programming with web clickability and tracking represents an attractive alliance for advertisers (Coke, P&G, GM and others have already signed up for Joost) – great content and near immediate tracking of the impact of advertising, no matter what form. Are you ready to boldly go where TV is going?

Unlike YouTube, Joost doesn’t host user-generated content, just the copyrighted variety. Founded by the creators of Skype and backed by Viacom and Time-Warner, this P2P based IPTV system isn’t your run of the mill startup. Given the current content strategy, the biggest competitor is likely to be Blockbuster, Comcast, or iTunes, instead of YouTube (owned by Google).

While Joost does offer 30 second spots on long format content, such as CSI television shows, there won’t be nearly as many as you see on regular TV. While it’s hard to predict how IPTV will affect regular TV, at its very least it will probably help advertisers test the waters before they spend big dollars on traditional media.


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