First star I see tonight Use Ad Rep Firms Like AdBrite To Know Where Your Ads Go

Posted by tom klein August 1, 2007

Advertising on the web seems more and more like advertising out in the physical world. There’s a little bit of everything. While ad networks might make it easy to place ads, they’re not all created equal. We’ll be providing examples of the different types of ad networks that you might consider in the days ahead. Of course, only a morsel at a time.

We’ll start with the Representation Networks (also known as Rep Firms). Companies like AdBrite focus on selling advertising inventory from a pre-screened set of websites. In AdBrite’s case, they can deliver 700 million impressions across 31,885 sites. When placing your ad, you can choose where it is shown by 1) the content category (e.g., Finance, Parenting), 2) the geographic location of the site 3) the income or ethnic demographics of the site’s viewers, or 4) specific keywords on the site (as we discussed in The Key to Your Heart).

Peruse the AdBrite site directory and you can learn more about what certain ad placements cost. For example, it costs $1,500 / day to place that simple text ad that appears at the top of the home page on LinkedIn – the social network for professionals with more than 11 million members (see What’s a Degree Between Friends).

As with nearly all online ads, the two most important questions are who’s going to see it and where? Rep Firms tend to have a better sense of the web sites that they represent and therefore present less of a risk that your ad and brand will show up . . . where you don’t want it (e.g., porn sites, hate groups, you name it). Are you confident that your online ads are showing up in the right place?

Adbrite can help you place text ads (the ones that Google made famous), display/banner ads, and interstitial ads. An interstitial ad is one of those pages that shows up before you get to the content that you want (see this example of an interstitial at

That wild and crazy Canadian communications theorist Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase, the medium is the message. It’s relevant to online advertising. When you want to be absolutely certain where your ad(s) will be placed, a Rep Firm might be the right choice for you.


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