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Posted by tom klein August 26, 2008

Affiliate marketing can be a great opportunity to monetize your site’s traffic. The tough question – how to figure out which affiliate network and which specific offer is most likely to convert . . . and make you money?

One way, that also lets you maintain the integrity of your site, is to utilize a tool like AffSpy. AffSpy is an affiliate intelligence tool that not only catalogs partnering networks, but offers a way to rate their performance and see which ones provide the highest (and most likely) payout.

Curious to know what affiliate marketers might offer in return for putting something on your site? Browse available categories or search the AffSpy database by keyword (e.g. an online gourmet food seller might search for “coffee“). The search results display:

  • a list of affiliate networks who want to advertise on that keyword
  • their offers and accompanying creative (e.g. banner ad)
  • the payout for leads you drive to their site
  • a preview of their landing page
  • current rating

To participate, you need to sign up for an AffSpy account (don’t worry, it’s free). Account holders can create a list of favorites and receive automatic notifications when their favorite affiliate networks change their bids. AffSpy updates several times throughout the day, so you know you are getting the most relevant offers as they become available. All in all, the system is easy to use and is a smart option for earning the most from your site.

Firefox users can download the AffSpy "quick search" plugin, giving them instant access to the AffSpy database from their browser toolbar.

AffSpy brings organization to an industry (online affiliate marketing) that has operated without standard. Most ad networks serve up blind offers, with no real indicator of quality. AffSpy's community rating system and landing page preview let you scope out your new business partner before jumping into bed with them.



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  2. Have you looked at affspy lately? I took a look on your recommendation, and it's horrible! I run a blog on a particular genre of books that I enjoy (just for fun) and have been thinking about monetizing it beyond a few adsense ads and amazon associate links. I signed on and did a search for books. Of all the links returned, one was for a book club (that doesn't actually carry any of the books in my fiction genre), and over a dozen affiliates of the "sign up for three credit cards and get three more people to signup and we'll give you a macbook" variety. I'm starting a classical/old time radio blog, so I looked for music. The results were totally unknown and shady looking businesses wanting to install software on people's computers, and ringtones for some "Lizard" artist. Affspy is deluged with free credit report companies and other spammy, scammy prospects that would drive readers running from my sites faster than a president in an Iraqi shoe store. Where are the recognizable products and services? Where is Dell, HP, Lenovo, Oreck, Borders, LLBean, heck, where is ShopAtHome even? The old adage about leadership is "never make your people do something you would would refuse to do yourself." Can you be a good marketer and hawk crap you wouldn't touch with someone else's 10 foot pole? Joe posted on

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