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Posted by tom klein August 27, 2007

While the phone book is going the way of the eight track tape player, it’s not entirely clear who’s going to be the biggest winner. So, how do you make sure that local customers can find you, even if their fingers aren’t going to do the walking the way they used to?

Make sure that your company is listed in the emerging local search tools, provided by the likes of Yahoo! and Citysearch. Yahoo! is betting on the social aspect of search. In other words, when it comes to deciding which landscaping company to use, you’re more likely to choose one that your friend recommends than the one that appears first in search engine results. With this in mind, in addition to improving general search results, invest in listing your company on Yahoo! local, where you’ll be able to choose from three different types of listings (from free up to $25 per month). With some plans, you can include your logo, photos of your business or products, and even provide online coupons.

While you’re at it, it’s also a good idea to direct your best customers to the listing to add comments about why your company stands above all the others. When potential buyers do find you, they’ll not only find you, but also find out why they should buy from you. Why not put your best foot forward?

Yahoo! is using its local search listings as a hybrid between pay per click ads and traditional directory ads. Its high end listing offers guaranteed search results placement (page 1 or 2), placement at the top or bottom of the page, and broader geographical coverage.

You only have a few words to get your message across in one of these listings. Highlight how you’re different, or otherwise you won’t stand out from the pack. Also, use the photos as a way to highlight your most compelling brand benefits.


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