Two Birds, One Stone Enable viral distribution of your widget through Adobe’s new Distribution Manager

Posted by maggie.hunsucker September 21, 2009

adobe logoThe goal with any widget is viral distribution.   The more sites that feature your widget, the better.

Until now, Adobe hasn’t had a hand in the spread of the applications it helps create (the majority of widgets are built in Adobe Flash).   But all that is about to change with their new widget monetization platform – Adobe Distribution. This platform offers free and paid channels for distributing your application across social networks, mobile devices, desktops, and personal sites.  And it does it in a pretty unique way.

adobe distribution manager

When a publisher elects to share a widget in the Adobe network, Adobe offers up your widget as a suggestion (i.e. a promotional widget). The publisher then has the option of sharing one or both.  You only pay when the widget is successfully installed on another site.  For example, the publisher embeds your widget on his Facebook page.  And unlike other ad networks where developers and publishers are expected to meet in the middle, Adobe handles the introductions.

To get started, you will need to sign in with your Adobe ID and install the Distribution Manager application.  This is the main hub for managing your widget campaign and where you grab analytics and reporting (e.g. widget views, unique users, social metrics, and revenue).  When creating a new campaign, you will need to provide your widget’s embed code, the ActionScript version, and a thumbnail preview. You’ll also need to create a campaign budget and identify target markets.

Again, you only pay a flat fee (from $1 and up) when the widget is installed, which means the actual sharing of your application is free.  Publishers are paid based on a CPM model, so they’re given a cut of the action too.

Developers will need to add a sharing menu to the application (supported extensions for Flash Professional, Flex Builder 3, and Dreamweaver) to enable viral distribution across the network.

Distribution Manager comes hot off the heels of Adobe acquiring Omniture. They stand to gain from both subscription services for the tools used to create widgets, and advertising revenue from their distribution.


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