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Posted by tom klein October 24, 2007

While the blogosphere continues to expand into every corner of possible content, it still isn’t that easy to find the right blog to carry your ad.

Try using Blogads to target specific blog readers. This system provides an easy to use tool for selecting blogs based on content or a search term, then developing your ad schedule, and finally, of course, paying for your ad placement and tracking the results.

Say for example that for some reason you would like to target fans of the University of Texas. For $80, you can purchase an ad that delivers approximately 73,000 impressions, and no doubt an endless quantity of burnt orange love.

Given that blog readers and writers are likely to be well-connected category mavens or enthusiasts, why not see if this tool can deliver a hard to reach audience for your brand?

As you might expect, the requirements for blog-based ads are a little different than traditional banner ads. See this array of different ad types available and you’ll see that these ads are somewhat larger than regular banner ads.

Not interested in targeting based on type of blog content. Don’t worry, you can still choose blogs for ad placement based on other criteria, ranging from geography (such as New York City) to political inclination. Because you can determine ROI easily, you should be able to learn quickly if these ads drive results for your business.


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