A little dab Easily create and publish professional display ads with Google Display Ad Builder

Posted by tom klein October 22, 2008

Need to create a display ad but not a wizard with Photoshop (despite the online version we described in Don’t we all love to shop?)

Google’s Display Ad Builder may be perfect for you. This ad creation tool is the latest addition to the Google Adwords family, and of course, it is free of charge. Display Ad Builder lets you choose from 40 professionally designed templates and gives you step-by-step instruction on how to customize your display ad with text, images, logos, and color treatments. Google automatically generates multiple versions of your ad to fit all the standard sizes on the Google Content Network; you choose what works best and where it should go. Check out this demo to see how easy the process is:

To get started, login to your Adwords account (don’t have one? You should, it’s free) and choose the Campaign Management tool. You can create a keyword-targeted display ad, where Google shows your ad to customers based on the content they view, or cherry pick the sites where you want your ad to be served. Next, use the Display Ad Builder (found under Ad Variations) to design and brand your advertisement. When you’re finished, specify your ad model, either Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per Impression (CPM), and publish.

Pretty easy, huh? You can monitor how you ad is selling across the Google Content Network with their automatic performance metrics that show clicks, impressions, costs, and conversions.

If you've never dabbled in design, pixels and aspect ratios will sound like we're talking in Greek, but Google Display Ad Builder automatically resizes your images to work with the constraints of your display ad. In other words, no stretched, flattened, or warped looking images.

This tool is pretty fun and easy, so you can experiment with different ad variations and don't have to worry about a ballooning design budget. If you're ready for the major leagues, Google Content Network supports video and rich media ads (not available through Ad Builder at this time). Of course, you can always just hire your own digital scientist to handle the entire thing once you're finished playing around.


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