Where's that back scratcher? Drive site traffic by exchanging ads on Adgridwork

Posted by tom klein July 8, 2008

Need to boost site traffic? The idea of handing over hundreds, often thousands, of dollars for premium ad space or trading (begging for) links may be keeping you up at night.

Here’s an option. Adgridwork is an open (free) advertising network that lets bloggers and publishers barter their own real estate for advertising space on any of the thousands of sites in the Adgridwork network. You can choose what types of sites your ads appear on, and even monitor campaign progress, like impressions and conversions, through Adgridwork’s free metrics and tracking tools.

To get started, register your website or blog with the network, defining your site by category and any relevant keywords. This helps Adgridwork target advertisements to specific audiences. Once approved, your site is added to the mix and open for serving ads. In exchange, you ads will start running on other sites in the network. Adgridwork uses a simple merit system to reward its supporters- the more ad click-through’s your site generates, the more sites your ads appears on.

If you’re looking for a simple way to generate traffic or just tired of paying for ad services, consider using Adgridwork to promote your site.

ReviewBack was created by the developers of Adgridwork and runs on the same business model- mutual promotion. ReviewBack is a trading ground for bloggers and copywriters who need to build links to their sites.

Just about any company recognizes that challenge of constrained resources, no matter what business you're in. This approach to advertising represents the web at its collaborative best - a great way for people to learn about new sites, and a great way to give your fellow site or blogger a leg up.


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