Don't stop ... believin' Increase advertising yield (and understanding) with Rubicon Project

Posted by tom klein November 7, 2007

Creating great online advertising requires you to think like your customers. However, when it comes to placing online advertising, it pays to think like a web publisher.

The Rubicon Project is an advertising yield management tool that’s aimed at helping publishers optimize the mix of ads on their site. If you’re a publisher, you can spend 10 minutes choosing your options and then put their custom code on your site.

We’ve covered many different advertising networks in the past, just in case you’re looking for different tools for ad placement.

What advertisers should take note of is this: here is a three-minute demo that will give you a superb overview of how web publishers are thinking about their advertising. Also, if you’re a little fuzzy on how all of these ad networks come together to serve publishers, this is one of the best primers we have come across.

If you want to get smart about where and how to place your online ads . . . invest a few minutes in understanding how publishers will be deciding which ads they will carry.

not the ones that that are worth the most (or generate the greatest revenue). Over time, this system has resulted in the most successful ads rising to the top. The Rubicon system will help do the same thing for publishers, but across different ad networks.

When it comes to placing online ads, you’re really only going to be as good as your ad network. This isn’t really any different from the offline world - should your ad run on cable, network, radio, or any one of the hundreds of flavors thereof?


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